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Новая версия SONAR, новые сборники VST плагинов, а также, новые сэмплы в формате KONTAKT


Avid Pro Tools HD v12.3.1.88512 WIN.x64 - уже в продаже, а так же, новые VST инструменты от Ample Sound и новые сэмплы

Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2, а также новые VST инструменты, VST эффекты и сэмплы в формате KONTAKT

Новые VST инструменты от Ample Sound, а также новые сэмплы в формате KONTAKT

Большое обновление каталога сэмплов, а также, FL STUDIO 12, Sibelius 7.5

Новые сэмплы в формате KONTAKT, Новый VST инструмент Toontrack EZX2 Reggae, дополнительные банки для VST синтезатора Serum

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300 Spectacular Sound Effects [3 CDDA]

Цена: 90руб.
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300 Spectacular Sound Effects [3 CDDA]


Тип продукта: Звуковые эффекты


300 Spectacular Sound Effects - библиотека звуковых эффектов

Disc 1
1. Gunfire Battle / Gunfire Battle With Car 51. Thunder Clap Vers. 3
2. Gunfire Battle With Traffic 52. Wind Howling Lightly
3. Motorcycle Passing at 55mph 53. Thunder Wind and Rain
4. Motorcycle Passing at 100mph 54. Thunder and Heavy Down Pour
5. Chopping With an Axe 55. Man Screaming
6. Chopping With Falling Tree 56. Small Crowd Booing
7. Newspaper Leafing Through 57. Small Crowd Sighing Relieved
8. Newspaper Ripping 58. Small Crowd Gasp Astonished
9. Children Giggling 59. Small Crowd 'Yeah' Happy
10. Drinking Through a Straw With a Gulp 60. Grandfather Clock Strikes 12 0'Clock
11. Saltwater Fishing Casting Reeling and Catching Fish 61. High Performance Car Start and Idle
12. Slot Machine Pull and Pay-Off 62. High Performance Car 160mph Pass R to L
13. Lion Roars 63. Champagne Cork Popping
14. Lion Growls Close Perspective 64. Millitary Jet Fast Flyby
15. Bacon Frying 65. Stirring in a Cup
16. Swiss Yodel Call 66. Truck Horn 1 Blast
17. Helicopter Start up and Take Off Int Perspective 67. Truck Horn 2 Blasts
18. Helicopter Flying by Vers. 2 68. Truck Passing With Horn
19. Helicopter Coming in and Landing Vers. 2 69. Boxing With Punching Bag
20. Grating Carrots 70. Woman Shrieking
21. Heavy Breathing 71. Vacuuming
22. Pay Phone Sequence 72. Hydraulic Lift in Operation
23. Tearing Paper Short 73. Chicken Coup Atmosphere
24. Tearing Paper Long 74. Diving and Swimming Past
25. Baby Crying 75. Small Group Applause
26. Crickets at Night 76. Propeller Airplane Start and Idle
27. Jet Taking Off 77. Machine Gun Burst
28. Jet Passing Overhead and Landing 78. Machine Gun Burst With Returned Fire
29. Cracking Eggs 79. Wooden Bat Hitting Ball
30. Beating Eggs in a Bowl 80. Aluminum Bat Hitting Ball
31. Horse Whinny and Neigh 81. Weight Lifting
32. Horse Gallops By 82. Rocket Launching With Countdown
33. Horse Walks up and Snorts in Stable 83. Taking a Shower
34. Man Coughing 84. Electric Shaver
35. Water Splash 85. Brushing Teeth
36. Loud Large Group Applauding 86. Flushing Toilet
37. Witches Evil Laugh 87. Police Car Passing With Siren
38. Pigs Grunting in a Sly 88. Police Car Approach and Stop With Siren
39. Church Clock Strikes 1 0'Clock 89. Police Car Departs With Siren
40. Church Clock Strikes 12 O'Clock 90. Police Radio in Operation
41. Car Won't Start 91. Kiss
42. Car With Dead Battery 92. Cannon Blast
43. Car Start and Rev Engine 93. Patchinco Continuous Play
44. Car Start Rev Engine and Drive Away 94. Paper Bag Put on Head and Removed
45. Car Approach and Fast Stop 95. Tuning Radio Am
46. Car Approach Skid and Medium Crash 96. Tuning Radio FM
47. Eating Crisp Potato Chips 97. Electronic Radio Alarm Sounding
48. Shoveling Dirt on Concrete 98. Crystal Glass Ping
49. Car Wash Interior Perspective 99. Rock Concert Applause With Shouts
50. Referee Type Whistle
Disc 2
1. Explosion Bang With Falling Debris 51. Jogging Past Right to Left
2. Explosion Medium Bang 52. Jogging Past Left to Right
3. Explosion Small Bang With Falling Debris 53. Car Honk
4. Fire Alarm 54. Car Long Honks
5. Crack of a Whip 55. Car Several Honks
6. Elephant Trunk Noise 56. Traffic Jam Honks
7. Angry Elephants 57. Car Passing With Horn
8. High Performance Car Start Drive and Stop 58. Angry Crowd
9. High Performance Car Start up and Burn Out 59. Panic Stricken Crowd
10. High Performance Car Burn Out Vers 2 60. 3 Gun Shots 45 Automatic
11. Sneeze 61. Shotgun 1 Shot
12. Crowd at a Horse Track 62. M14 Rifle Several Shots
13. Water Dripping 63. Elevator Door Opening
14. Water Dripping With Reverberation 64. Elevator Door Closing
15. Filling Sink With Water 65. Elevator Lift Rider's Perspective
16. Emptying Sink 66. Bees Buzzing Around Hive
17. Handsaw Sawing Wood 67. Alarm Clock Bell Sounding
18. Jigsaw in Operation 68. Electric Fan in Operation
19. Circular Saw in Operation 69. 35mm Camera Shutter Sound
20. Chains Rattling 70. 35mm Camera Auto Motor Drive
21. 4 Boings 71. 35mm Camera Automatic Sequence
22. Scissors Cutting Hair 72. Camera Flash Charge and Pop
23. Hair Dryer in Operation 73. Hammering Nails Into Wood
24. Carnival Atmosphere 74. Door Bell Several Rings
25. Gavel Hammering in Court 75. Knocking on Door and Door Opens
26. Rotary Dialing Telephone 76. Heartbeat
27. Telephone 1 Ring / Pick Up 77. 'Surprise' at Party
28. Hanging Up 78. Car Fast Approach and Stop
29. Ship Horn 2 Blasts 79. Car Approach Skid and Crash
30. Evil Male Laugh 80. Car Approach Long Skid and Big Crash
31. Evil Male Laugh With Echo 81. Car Skid and Tire Squeal
32. Male Laugh Hysterical 82. Writing on Blackboard
33. Tray of Glasses Rattling 83. Fingernails on Blackboard
34. Carbonated Water Fizzing 84. Velcro Ripping
35. Airplane Jet Take Off (Jumbo Jet) 85. Propeller Airplane Taking Off Ext Perspective
36. Airplane Jet Landing Vers 2 86. Air Pump
37. Airplane Jet Landing With Tire Squeal 87. Movie Camera Old Clockwork Type
38. Burp 88. Donkey Hee Haws
39. Small Group Applauding With Cheers 89. Newsroom General Atmosphere
40. Applause Polite Medium Group 90. Coins Dropped on Table
41. Cow Moo 91. Coins Being Counted
42. Pool (Billards) Break 92. Coins Jingling
43. Pool (Billiards) Combination Shot 93. Duck Quack
44. Town Clock in Distance Striking 1 0'Clock 94. Scrubbing Floor With a Brush
45. Town Clock in Distance Striking 12 0'Clock 95. Rain Continuous Downpour
46. Party Horn 96. Thunder Clap Vers 2
47. Party Noise Maker 97. Thunder and Rain Storm
48. Cave With Water Dripping 98. Wind Blowing Through Trees
49. Ice Cubes in a Glass 99. Rocket
50. Ice Cubes in a Bucket 100. Wolf Howling Human Simulation
Disc 3
1. Bowling Alley General Atmosphere 28. Domestic Car Alarm
2. Bowling Gutter Ball 29. Domestic Car Door Opening
3. Bowling Strike 30. Domestic Car Door Clossing
4. Soda Can Opening 31. Domestic Car Crash With Yell
5. Soda Pouring in Glass 32. Domestic Car Approach and Skid
6. Telephone 3 Rings and Pick Up 33. Horse Trots up and Snorts Outside
7. Telephone Slammed Down 34. Horse Whinny and Neigh Outside
8. Rosster Crowing 35. Horse Canters by Outside
9. Woman Screaming 36. Hellcopter Start up and Take Off Vers 1
10. Sipping Coffee 37. Helicopter Flying by Vers 1
11. Cork Pulled With Reverberation 38. Helicopter Coming in and Landing Vers 1
12. Crowd 'Oh' Disappointed 39. Applause Concert Crowd With Cheers
13. Crowd 'Ahh' Satisfied 40. Drinking Fountain Turned on and Off
14. Crowd Urgh Disgusted 41. Drinking Fountain Taking a Drink
15. Steam Train Passing By 42. Roller Coaster in Operation
16. Bugle Call Outdoors - (with Charge) 43. Fight Bell 2 Strikes
17. Bugle Call - (with Post Time) 44. Cuckoo Clock Strikes 1
18. Bugle Call - (with Fanfare) 45. Cuckoo Clock Strikes 12
19. Bugle Call - (with Parade Dismiss) 46. Record Needle Scratch
20. Bugle Call - (with Fall In) 47. Ambulance Passing With Siren
21. Bugle Call - (with Lights Out) 48. HiFi Store With Radios and Tv's
22. Bugle Call (Military Taps) 49. Sizzle Light
23. Bugle Call (Retreat) 50. Sizzle Heavy
24. Bugle Call (Revue) 51. High Performance Car Start, Idle, Rev,...
25. Bugle Call (Reveille) 52. High Performance Car High Speed Pass 150mph
26. Belch 53. ...And Stop
27. Baby Laugh

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